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Young Heart Of Hollywood With Angel B "My take on Miley Cyrus."

As adults, most of us honestly shuddered in disbelief with Miley Cyrus’ VMAs performance. We’ve seen numerous stars use the shock value before, but somehow, it felt different this time around. That shock value continues to send almost earthquakes on the web, with her new single “Wrecking Ball” amassing a whopping 115 MILLION hits since it was released last Monday. To put things into perspective: Britney Spears breakout hit, which took her from a child star to a fully fledged adult performer “Baby One More Time”, all these years later has been viewed 81 million times. That single was released in 1999. But while life seems good for Miley (her love life aside), what happens to all of those legions of fans who grew up watching and loving “Hannah Montana” and wanting to be her?Has their role model suddenly been lost? Angel B, who at 11 is wiser than her years and is also working with Miley’s producers on forthcoming music, gives her perspective and it’s an interesting one — one that we have all overlooked.

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