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Young Heart Of Hollywood With Angel B

Angel B has a weekly column that appears on entertainment site CelebZter. Each week she addresses issues that pertain to teens around the world and what’s hot in the news. Here, she talks about roles model — or the lack of them.

My name is Angel B and I am an actress, author, poet, fashion designer and writer. Even though I am only 11, it’s my dream to inspire others in fashion and entertainment to use their positions of influence for good causes. I think it’s needed and I sure hope that I can make a difference. And that is why I am launching my own column here today, so I can have a voice too. To be honest, there are not that many role models I have when I start thinking about the entertainment industry , or fashion and music industry, for that matter I can admire for their work with charities and causes. Granted, there are some wonderful people who have used their success, but when I looked around and gave some thought to who is using their position of influence to make the world a better place and I was a bit disappointed. I am from Canada and I am proud that we have launched artists like Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey and many others, but I wish Justin would spend more time instead of getting speeding tickets in his Ferrari to help the kids in Canada and around the world.

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